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My passion is photography and I love telling stories through the camera, in a personal way, letting things flow naturally and taking a unique moment.


I do not believe that a report is based only on capturing a few beautiful photos, but on photographing those images that collect our memories and although the years pass we can recognize ourselves in them.


I walk in this world of photography, learning every day to use more ingredients, recipes and cooking so that many small details of an image get a leisurely look from the viewer, that something that makes it magical ... that is my main objective and satisfaction , In that I insist ... although it is difficult, like everything authentic in this life ...


- Do you "make" pictures, don´t  you "take" them?


- So is. At least that's how I like to think about it. That's the difference between those who take snapshots on Sundays and professional photographers. When you have finished with the bridge that we saw today, it will not look like you think. I will have turned it into something of mine, by the choice of the lens, or the angle of the camera, or the general composition, or probably by the combination of all that. I do not limit myself to taking things as they appear; I try to turn them into something that reflects my personal conscience, my spirit. I try to find poetry in the image.


           Dialogue between Francesca and Robert (Meryl Street and Clint Etswood) Written by Robert James Waller (1939-2017)                                 'The Bridges of Madison County'.